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PS10,000A GRC Spray Station

The refined Power-Sprays PS10000 series GRC/GFRC pump spray stations have been introduced to supplement the already popular PS9000 units. Based on a similar design to the PS9000´s the PS10000´s feature larger rotor/stator pump assemblies for longer life and a more powerful drive and gearbox.

The maximum output at full speed with a new rotor/stator is over 100 kg/minute. Thus, there is plenty of speed range to compensate as components wear.

PS10000´s are available in two formats: ‘A’ with a machine mounted articulated spray support boom (as illustrated overleaf) and a ‘B’ version without. An optional free-standing rovings boom is available for the ‘B’ version.

Other excellent features include:

  • Low level vibrated material hopper designed for the either manual or mechanical loading. A removable sieve is fitted to filter the material to prevent lumps entering the pump and blocking the spray head.
  • Incorporated large diameter pneumatic wheels with articulated castors for complete mobility.
  • A sensor in control system starts/stops the pump when the "Spray Air" is turned on/off at the spray head.
  • All necessary pneumatic distribution and control systems are built in. Spare pneumatic outlets are provided for air supplies to ancillary tools (e.g. Mist Coat Gun, Vibrated Trowel, etc).
  • Mounted on the pump the articulated spray support boom takes the weight off the spray man. The boom includes two sets of ceramic roving guides and a large 4-box capacity-roving tray.
  • Transparent reinforced hose for added safety and assurance of good cleaning.
  • Power-Sprays Concentric supplied as standard (other spray heads also available).
PS10,000 Series Specifications
Overall Width: 1260mm
Overall Length: 2065 mm
Hopper Dimensions: 1495 x 856 x 755mm (HT)
Boom range: 3.5 m
Electric motor: 2.2 KW 3-phase – Frequency and voltage to suit location. Infinitely variable variator and gearbox with speed indicator. Features reverse to full forward
Pump type: Progressive cavity rotor/stator PS621 with auger feed.
Output: 0 – 50 litre/minute