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Multi Roving Glass Fibre Chopper

The Power-Sprays heavy-duty multi-roving glass fibre chopper is designed to accurately cut and dispense alkali-resistant glass fibre for the Premix Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete process.

The unit comprises a variable speed 3-phase electric drive, which, subject to fibre tex, cuts rovings at a rate of up to 600grammes per minute. Standard choppers have a capacity to chop up to 5 rovings simultaneously. An air dispersal system helps to ensure that the chopped fibres are evenly distributed in the mixer without over mixing. Thus, mix quality in enhanced.

The standard control system incorporates a 0.1 second incremental timer, which allows the operator to program the chopper to deliver the correct amount of fibre for each batch of Premix. Accuracy is generally within 10grammes of the required weight.

Alternatively the chopper may be controlled directly by a “loss-in-weight” fibre-dispensing platform, thereby ensuring direct readings of batch weights.

The design allows for the rapid replacement of blades by the exchange of the complete cutting cylinder assembly, a spare of which is supplied with the equipment.

The Power-Sprays multi-roving glass fibre chopper is supplied with guards and mounting frame and it can be fixed directly to most mixing plants without the need for major additional structural work.

Multi Roving Glass Fibre Chopper Specifications
Overall Dimensions:

80 x 50 x 90cms

Total Weight:

100Kgs (approx.)
Electricity Supply:

380/415 volts 3-Phase 50Hz.
Alternative system also available

Air Supply:

Fibre Dispersal System: 10 CFM (300L/min) @ 100PSI (7 Bar) Backing Roller Adjuster: 100PSI (7 Bar)

Electric Motor:

0.37kW (0.5HP)

Chopper Fibre Lengths:

12mm standard
Special cutter blocks can be produced to order

Fibre Output Variable:

Up to 600 g per minute per roving (subject to Tax)

Number of rovings:

5 (standard)

Fibre Dispersal System:

The air assisted fibre dispersal system is activated automatically via a solenoid valve when the fibre chopper is started.

Control System:

A 0.1 second incremental timer is supplied mounted in a cabinet (conforming to IP55) with push button activated start, function indicator light and emergency stop.