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GRC125 Combination High Sheer Mixer

The GRC 125 Combination mixer is the first mixer that can produce spray grade GRC slurry and also premix GRC without compromise. The unit has a generous 60 litres capacity, which easily accommodates 125kgs of material i.e. a mix based on a 50kg bag of cement. It works equally well with a mix based on a 25kg bag of cement.

The mixer is supplied with a variable speed (11.0 KW) drive via a frequency inverter. This gives a fully variable speed 0-1400 rpm. There is a revolutionary design of the mixing blade, which allows both high shear mixing of the sand/cement slurry at fast speed and blending of the fibre at slow speed.

The dry materials loading chute and sealed lid dramatically reduce the amount of dust normally associated with mixing.

The mixer is supplied with 2 removable plastic mixing vessels so different coloured mixes can be produced with the minimum of cleaning.

A platform mounted version with a steel mixing vessel and a bottom discharge suitable for incorporation into an automatic or semi-automatic batching system is also available. Please ask for details.

GRC125 Combination High Sheer MixerSpecifications:
Weight: Approx. 310 kg
Overall Dimensions: 1250 x 1700 x 1770mm (height with lid lowered)
Capacity: 60 litres (125 kg sand/cement slurry)
Mixer Speeds: Variable
Maximum 1430 RPM (50 Hz supply)
1720 RPM (60 Hz supply)
Electric Motor: 11.0 KW. Built to IP55 (hose proof)
Electrical Supply: 380/415 volt 3-phase 50 Hz standard**
Units can be built to suit other 3-phase electricity supplies
Blade: New Design
Air Requirement: 3.5 litres per lift 7 Bar (110psi)
** Generator Supplies: If the electricity supply is from a generator, please consult Power-Sprays, as
additional protection may be required.

Motors ratings and construction may vary with electrical supply requirements and local regulations.