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Concentric Spray Chopper Gun for GRC

The Power-Sprays’ Concentric Spray Head is designed for the efficient spray application of Glass fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC).

Both cement/ sand slurry and glass fibre are projected from the same nozzle helping to ensure good distribution.

The glass fibre roving is cut to length within the rear chopper mechanism. Compressed air propels the chopped fibres through the atomiser body nozzle. Simultaneously, slurry is conveyed to the nozzle from the pump and is emitted from an annulus surrounding the fibre. Compressed air, supplied direct from the nozzle, atomises the slurry and the two materials are projected as a composite.

A water flush facility is fitted as standard to be used as required.

The Concentric Spray Head is designed to operate in conjunction with all Power-Sprays’ GRC spray machines. Further details are available on request.

Concentric Spray Gun Specifications
Weight: 3.5kgs
O/A dimensions: 21 x 29 x 29.2cm (HT)
Air consumption: 50 CFM (1500 litres / minute) approx.
Output (variable): Fibre – 500 - 1000gm/minute *Typical 600grm
Slurry – 10 – 20kgs/minute Typical 12kgs
Fibre length: 41mm, 31 mm, 25mm, 12mm and 6mm available
(Standard are units fitted with 31mm cutter)
* Higher outputs are possible. Please discuss with Power-Sprays or your agent.