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Chopped Strand Fiber Feeder

The new Power-Sprays Chopped Fibre Feeder (patent application 0607670.7) is designed for the accurate dispensing of pre-cut glass and synthetic fibres.

The unit comprises a material holding hopper (the capacity depends on the bulk density of the fibre), a rotary valve which incorporates a unique agitating “anti-bridging” system to ensure that the fibres are kept moving, a delivery hopper and a feed duct, plus 3 load cells and programmable weigh batch control system.

The unit is operated by entering the weight required and pressing a “Start” button. Once entered, the target weight is stored ready for each batch. The control system incorporates an automatic “in-flight” correction system, which improves the accuracy of the weight dispensed with repeated operation.

The output rate can be adjusted by changing the speed of rotation of the rotary dispenser. Tests to date indicate that the accuracy of the unit is plus/minus 3% when dispensing a quantity of 2.27kgs of 13mm long glass fibres.

Chopped Strand Fiber Feeder Specifications
Electrical Supply: 200 – 240 volts 1 Phase 50-60Hz
** (alternative configurations available)
Motor: 0.75 KW 3 Phase 4 amps
Speed Control: via frequency inverter.
Weight Control System: TAD 3 base weigh batch control unit with 3no.
100 kg stainless steel load cells on anti-vibration mounts.
Height: 1000 mm (not including the material holding hopper)
Width: 750 mm
Depth: 665 mm
The Chopped Fibre Feeder’s hopper, discharge chute and support structure are configured to suit the particular installation. These dimensions are for illustrative purposes only.
** Generator Supplies: If the electricity supply is from a generator, please consult Power-Sprays, as additional protection may be required.